love poem

Thank You

You deserve to be showered with adoration.

Loved with appreciation.

Countless sweet nothing’s whispereded in your ear.

Or tender kisses placed all over.

Because you’ve been better to me, than I’ve been to myself.

And you still accept me with all that you have.

Words can’t express how I truly feel about you.

So hopefully my actions speak just as loud as my words do.

Because my future wouldn’t be so bright, if it never included you.


Even if the outside world never knew of the peace we’d created,

I marveled at the fact that we were one in the same.

The Adam to my Eve,

the moon to my night,

our stars shown as bright as distant galaxies unexplored.

What was understood never had to be explained.

We let it go to find us again.

The journey was magnificent,

And the memories priceless.

I’d never trade the idea of you,

Because it was a part of me too.