Exposed By Truth Excerpt 5

“God this woman of mine is so damn frustrating.” I said out loud to myself as Jade left the house without a single word but with a very big attitude as if I could read her mind and automatically know what’s wrong.

I finally understood what the old folks were talking about. You know, those old couples that had been together for years and were still madly in love as if they’d just met. Time, patience, and acceptance was the recipe for the longevity of their relationship.

Time was invested into building a friendship with a solid foundation to form a budding relationship. Patience was necessary too. We all have quirks about us that a significant other may not be able to stand but put up with anyway because nobody’s perfect. Acceptance though, that was the toughest one. You know you really love someone when you truly accept a person for who they are and have no desire to change anything about them. If they’re seeking change, it’s because that’s what they want to do, not what you’re forcing upon them.

I felt all of these things for Jade. I knew she was the one months ago, but her attitude sometimes was hard to swallow. In reality, I knew I couldn’t live without her crazy ass. Her smile made me smile, her conversation was like no other, and the way she knew exactly what to say when I needed it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. We were so in tune with one another it just felt right.

What the fuck!” I thought to myself.

Her depression and the uncertainty she felt within herself was sometimes too much on me. I’d never tell her that though. When things were good, they were great. Other times it was like walking through a maze, desperately trying to find your way out when you weren’t sure how you ended up there in the first place. One thing I did know for sure was that I wasn’t giving up on her or us.

And the point of it all is I love you, and the reason for it all, is I love you…” Jade’s ringtone filled the silent room and I prepared myself for whatever she might have to say.

Hey love, what do want for dinner tonight?” I stared at the phone, once again taken back by the sudden change in her mood but I was grateful she wasn’t upset anymore. One thing I admired about her was her commitment to not staying angry for too long. We learned early on that holding on to animosity never solved anything and neither one of us really liked to argue anyway.

I’m in the mood for a little soul food and drinks. You choose what that will be.” I replied.

“Ok, I’ll be home after a while. Do you need anything while I’m out? She asked.

“No I have everything I need right here except for you.”  Knowing that would make her smile.

“Ok love, see you later.”

We hung up and I knew the storm had passed for now. Tonight in bed I’ll pick her brain and ask her what was up with her before she left. But for now, I was going to clean the house and get ready for quality time with the love of my life.

-AKT Authentic

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