Why I Love Ginger

In my last post, I stated how much I love tea. I failed to mention that I also love to add ginger to my tea. Ginger Root is a great natural remedy for an array of symptoms. It’s most common use is for an upset stomach (nausea, indigestion, heart burn, etc.). It’s also said to be great for lowering blood pressure and boosting up your circulatory system.


Ginger has a pretty unique taste. To me, it’s like a warm spicy flavor. I don’t like my tea super sweet, so it’s a nice contrast to whatever sweetener I do choose to use in my tea (my go to’s are organic agave, honey or sugar in the raw). The health benefits of ginger is what originally drew me to it. Ginger is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, which is great for your immune system and those aches/pains you may have on a day to day basis.

Adding ginger to your diet (and it doesn’t have to be in tea, it can be cooked and or bought as a seasoning) would be a great asset, but don’t just take my word for it. Look up the benefits for yourself and see if it’s something you may try. It definitely wouldn’t hurt and on the positive side, you would’ve taken a step in the right direction for more healthier options when cooking. It’s become a staple in my kitchen and is a great go to for those days I’m not feeling up to par.


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