Month: December 2015

Hood Logic

Man listen…

Don’t you get tired of the same ol’ shit?

Don’t you get tired of the same ol’ clique?

Don’t ¬†you get tired of the same old games?

Don’t you get tired of not elevating your brain?

Y’all love to hang around the same type of group.

A bunch of no good niggas and bitches tryin’ to get the scoop.

Over petty situations that don’t mean none of y’all any good.

But everyone quick to yell they love bein’ from the hood.

And for what?

Don’t you have higher aspirations?

Ain’t you tired of guessin’ who your baby daddy is?

Ain’t you tired of burnin’ from tricks?

Instead of lookin for the next one who’ll suck yo dick?

All I wanna know is, what’s the point?

Cause you won’t find any happiness at the end of your blunt.

You won’t find a peace of mind in a bottle.

So stop getting ¬†caught up on the first one that’ll holla.

“Hey, what’s up, hello” like ya name Fetty Wap.

But in reality these folks ain’t got squat.

And no I’m not speaking in terms of material possessions.

The type of people you stay dealing with don’t have a personality to invest in.

Mentally you get less than what you deserve.

Emotionally they don’t even care if you hurt.

Physically they can’t even get the job done.

Shit since we being honest, you can’t even get you one.

But it’s cool, I get it that’s all you know.

All I’m saying is, that hood logic you abide by is keepin’ you low.

Cause I want more than this “hood shit”.

I got enough of that by growing up in it.

You can do better, you got a lot of potential.

All this hood logic don’t even make sense.

If you keep this up, you’ll be referenced in past tense.

That’s just being straight up honest, catch the hint, get a clue.

Before you become a hashtag and the police kills you.

Black Lives Matter, but y’all steady with the shit.

We got bigger enemies than the mess you deal with.

Get over yourself and fuck your clique.

Grow the hell up and stop reasoning with this hood logic.