Life 101: Standing In Your Truth

You ever meet those people who act like you can’t be a better person because they know OF your past but didn’t actually know you personally? You know, that one person who tries to discredit your new and improved attitude or lifestyle because they “heard” your past isn’t pretty? Well here’s some advice on how to handle those kind of people, say fuck you and keep it moving.

Now mind you, people will have negative things to say about you no matter what. That’s life. However, if they don’t actually know you and the steps you’ve made in the present to have a better future, pay them no mind at all. They’re living in the past. A place you’ve made the conscious decision to no longer reside in. Don’t allow them to pull you back into that. Your actions will deter any shade they throw your way.

Many people fear standing in their truth due to not wanting to be judged. What I mean by that is, they fear accepting their own past because of what others may say or think. Newsflash, none of us are perfect so don’t be ashamed if your past isn’t the prettiest. It doesn’t have to be. All that matters is the present, the person you’re growing into on a daily basis. I could list a thousand mistakes I’ve made (some of which are down right stupid lol) up until this point and I wouldn’t feel the least bit of ashamed. I know I’m a good person with a big heart. I had to learn the hard way sometimes and that’s OK with me. I can relate to people on so many levels. I’ve been there, done that and grew from it. I happily stand in my truth,  that no, my past ain’t squeaky clean but in this moment I am brand new. I have let go of old mindsets that hindered me. I openly talk about my failures. I know my set backs only prepared me more for the things I work so hard towards now. I don’t throw shade honey, I stand out in the sun and let my brown skin glow hoping my shine will repel some of the people that mean me no good. If you can’t handle my truth cool, you don’t have to. But that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to do better and be consistent with making strides in being my best self. As everyone loves to say these days, “do you boo boo”. Cause I got me.

AKT Authentic

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  1. Sounds like they were young minded and some growing up to do.🙌 i hope they got it. Love your blogs by the way

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