Month: October 2015

Outside Meditation

I listened with intent.
Taking note of the air that filled my lungs.
The wind that kissed my cheeks.
The ground that balanced my body.
The sweet smell of life blooming around me.
Fall was coming.
Yet I still reveled in delight of the sun as the last of its summer rays adorned my skin lovingly.
My eyes opened and once again,
I was brought back to reality.

I Am Filled

Quiet like the storm
That brews beneath the surface.
I am learning to control my currents.
I resonate with self
more and more each day.
My cup will runneth over.
I will fill myself up to the brim.
And even when I am used,
I will never dry.
My depths will reign
as deep as the ocean.
My flow will align
with the stars and the moon.
My sun will shine
in the midst of clouds.
And my warmth will radiate
no matter the situation.
I am filled.