Month: June 2015

Digital Therapy

I should just sit here, staring at the computer

until the lines never end and the screen becomes blurred

by tears that refuse to fall but still feel pain from a heart that aches.

Too long did this feeling last but who’s going to help heal my wounds?

Surely time does but I want relief now, or maybe just a little peace.

No one wants a constant reminder of why their heart has been broken.

Or how their spirit has been dulled by the hurt cause by another.

So I’ll let my anger take over my fingers and express my emotions

to the keyboard because only the screen can handle what I feel

since for some reason you can’t seem to understand it.

Thank You

You deserve to be showered with adoration.

Loved with appreciation.

Countless sweet nothing’s whispereded in your ear.

Or tender kisses placed all over.

Because you’ve been better to me, than I’ve been to myself.

And you still accept me with all that you have.

Words can’t express how I truly feel about you.

So hopefully my actions speak just as loud as my words do.

Because my future wouldn’t be so bright, if it never included you.


Craving your touch…

Flesh against flesh.

Soft lips and a gentle caress…

Lusting…in our love.

All yours and you’re all mine.

Dim lights, the perfect atmosphere.

An ecstasy only you can bring.

More than enough and still never fulfilled

until we’re together again…


Why must you choose to run away from me?

You see, I’m tired in more ways than one and still I get nothing.

Maybe I’m too overwhelmed with this because you shouldn’t be this hard to come by.

I wish you’d understand that at some point we must come together.

I’ve done all I can and I really need you on my side, too much time is flying by.

So sleep,please come to me, with the promise of sweet dreams.