Life 101: How They View You. Does It Matter?

Everyone is going to have an opinion and many times the opinions of others is the reason why people aren’t comfortable with themselves.

What you should be concerned about is how you make YOU feel. If you like yourself, what someone else thinks of you shouldn’t affect you drastically. Now mind you, everyone is going to feel insecurity at some point in their lives. Whether it be at work, with your significant other or even among a group of friends, there will be some instances where opinions will make you feel hurt, discouraged, or really good about yourself. However, the way you feel about yourself should come first.

My sister and cousin call me a hippie and earthy all the time. They always express how “free” I am with myself. I’m at the point where I genuinely like me and that shows in my demeanor. I love everything about me. Even when it comes to things I would like to change, I’m ok with the progress I’ve made. I’m making peace with the past so it no longer holds me back. I wear what I’m comfortable in. I don’t see the need to be flashy all of the time. Then I have my moments where I throw on my shortest dress and heels and make myself feel good for me. I dance in the mirror and sing out loud to my hearts content. I look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk because I know any negativity won’t solve anything. Being happy with me is important. Everything revolves back to how I feel about me.

Now I’m not saying that to be conceited. I’m saying that with the notion that I have made the decision to build myself up instead of tear myself down.

I’m flawed. We all are. But I’m also perfect too. As long as I’m being the best me I can be, I’m satisfied with that. I’ve been too hard on myself in the past and that can take a toll on you mentally. I had to get to a place of being happy with who I am and being comfortable with that.

I love me. That’s the only opinion that matters.

So ask yourself when it comes to how they view you, does it matter?

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