Self First

I think a lot of times people fail at “finding” self love because we’re taught that we won’t be complete until we “find our other half”. Our whole lives we’re given the idea that as individuals, once we’re older we’ll find love and always have that one person there by our side. We formulate this idea that we have to uphold certain social norms or stigmas in order to find our soul mate. We’re not taught to love self first. We’re taught to “get ourselves together” so we’re prepared when we do find the right one. We form this misconstrued idea of what LOVE is and should be. For some reason, we’re taught that we can’t find true love until we find it in someone else.

First off, we were wrong. Love starts with self first.

Even when we’re young, we want validation from parents, peers or siblings that we’re great, exceptional or worthy of being loved, when we should be taught that yes you are loved, but the most important love that you will ever find comes from self and that you don’t need the approval of anyone else to be worthy of love.

We should be taught that YOU are enough, even if you don’t have a significant other.

You are whole and full without the existence of another person in your life.

Love yourself enough to know that self love is the most important love to have in order to give pure, unselfish love to someone else.

At the end of the day, you have to fall in love with yourself every time you look in the mirror because the reflection staring back at you will always be your biggest and toughest critic… and you still have to love you anyway.




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