“Stand tall against conformity, your individuality is a treasure. Make sure you know your worth and you’ll never be undervalued.” – AKT Authentic


I’d like to think I live up to the quote I cited above because the words hold so very true to me. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know the many changes that have come and gone. As with each redefining moment of my life takes place, I’d like to think that those who have had a chance to watch as I go through the motions or grow with the flow, you’ve seen the learning and unlearning I’ve gone through to figure out what it means to be me.

Life has given me a whole new meaning to “trust the process” and I’m glad to know that trusting this process has lead me to an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a productive person in “society”. Who I am as a person, and how I go through these changes while staying authentic to my truer self.


One thing that has remained consistent in my ever changing life is that one of my truest calling is writing. It’s what I enjoy. It’s how I articulate myself the best. It’s the most honest way I can be myself without judgement.


As I mature and my writing takes on a life of its own, I’d love to take you on the wild ride life with me.


Who is AKT?… The answer is simple, whoever I choose to be. I have beliefs I’m grounded in. I’m learning and unlearning. Succeeding and failing. Loving and living. Letting life happen. Embracing what it means to be human, to be free, and to always be authentically me.


-AKT Authentic



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